Thursday, December 9, 2010


Margarita Higgenbottom
I enjoyed what seemed like an extreme obsession for detail for an artist who was himself obsessed with people watching african american women. She pointed out a few examples that showed that for the time that the paintings were he was ahead of his time as far as racial equality. However he took it to another level with the woman's large buttocks on the beach. I felt it was a bit fantastical and a fetished look at african american women as an treasure.

Polly applebaum
I'll state how i feel in one sentence. She was a great conceptualist with amateur technical skills. Good concept can only take you too far until it just seems as though you are good at finding the concepts that allow for less effort. It's is kind of a pet peeve of mine to see what i call the "amateur aesthetic" but i generally don't speak out about it for there are people that like it. Just not me.