Tuesday, November 30, 2010

check 11/30

all footage is edited and composited into after effects and levels adjusted. i've added the dragon fly to it's scene and am currently in the process of adding particle elements shedding from andrew's body in his running shots. It is not fully complete and yes i am behind schedule. I don't exactly have a choice to set back and reexamine anything so i'm just going to keep working till the end. It will be done on time.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Recap 11/23

still a little short of the mark as the woods clearing scene isn't fully complete although it's close. I just need to add the other wolves fading into the shot and it's complete. second i have my footage shot of all the live action sequences i just have not digitized them. Other than that i'm on target. I have the woods running scene completely finished and I added a close up of the run. My calendar still isn't changing as i don't have much to catch up on and i'm really only held back from getting a camera to digitize footage with and that will be completed today.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

update thurs. 11/18

ok so the final scene is nearly done as i had intended yet i missed my mark for the woods running scene. I had intended on having it completed with my run cycle included but i'm having trouble compositing my wolf run cycle. It won't export correctly from toon boom to use as a composite so i tried exporting as a .mov yet it has a white background. I'm going to keep working on it. other than that the scene is redrawn high quality and animated correctly ready for the run cycle with a still plant in it's place.

i hope to also add a close up of the dog running with the new woods showing as a background. i experimented with the texture of my open woods scene to try and see if it worked as well on the run scene. This will take a bit longer to sort some things out but i don't believe i must change my calendar as of yet. i will still be filming this weekend and beginning to composite the footage by tuesday and have the woods run done and final scene 95% complete.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


ok so i've been working all weekend on my assets and feel like i have nothing to show for it cause it's taking forever to do a canine run cycle and repaint a high quality render of a landscape. i guess i can just set up a schedule to attempt to adhere to.

thursday 11/18
will have the final scene nearly complete and the wolf run cycle done
woods run scene will be completed.

Friday 11/19
Shoot scenes of running on gayoso ave. and alleyway shots.

tuesday 11/23
andrew running scenes will be composited into after effects and worked on.
Final scene should be fully completed.

Sun. 11/28
return from Mississippi from break.
Back to work that night

Tuesday 11/30
will be connecting my other shots of animation and video together with animation.
effects added to running scenes
the totem scene will be put together
woods run and final scene will be touched up fully.

Thursday 12/2
nearly completed with clean-up and touch up of the effects to transition from andrew running to a slow motion wolf run cycle
This transition should be done.

Tuesday 12/7
animation roughly completed allowing for touchups everything pulled together leaving room for dvd build and finalizing all projects.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Concept render

Ok so i drew up all the assets for two shots of my animation. I figure i'll go for a desaturated look to emphasize light as in most film noir movies. If there is color it will be one color and because of the black and white, will contrast more. I think the smoke works pretty well for now with just the brush tool and turbulent displace. I have another render of particle fog but for this stylized scene i feel soft brushes will work better. I must take the wolf into toon boom or flash and loop a cycle of him for this scene as well. the hand drawn look will be nice with this and will provide a nice style to be flexible with as well.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Throwin up the shots for the animation i posted on previously

and also here's the outline structure stuff.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Proposal Write-up

I'm going to combine two things that i've been wanting to do in animation, compositing real footage animation in a style that transitions from the footage into animation and animating dark sequences so that i may play with lighting effects, glows, and particles. I have a story in mind that is fairly short so that i may focus more on minute details and aesthetics. I plan on the story involving a man walking along a dark street (this is filmed) as he turns to see a large totem of a wolf (which will be drawn and composited.) He turns and runs with a shot following him on a frontal shot as he runs down the street. Side shots of him passing go by as his shadow is shown to be some sort of creature (also animated). As he runs his figure begins adjusting gradually into wolf-like features starting with his ears. Suddenly it's a wolf-creature running down the street and the scenery transitions fully into animated woods. Moonlight shines through the trees and beams of light sweep by as the wolf jumps across terrain, over logs dodging bats and night creatures that swoop down on him. After a tiring sprint he finally reaches a jutting rock that has a expansive view of the moon above a foggy terrain. The wolf collects himself for a minute until finally howling. Thousands eyes appear below him and shapes of other wolves fade in from the background. the camera shoots in as the center wolf spins to stare at the camera. black.

I had this video before but i enjoyed the lighting that he used so i'll show it again.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Final animation throwup

So the few ideas i have so far are to either continue the microbial animation to create an even longer and fuller story complete with my original idea of more realized mosquitoes flying in and stabbing people in the eyes, or complete the other half of the poem for the kinetic type piece. or possibly both if possible.

Second i have been thinking about ideas for my bfa and i could use this assignment to do intro animations for various news media organizations that i have made-up. Along with advertising to show as breaks between news reel footage and the animation underneath the news anchors.

Effects explained

Ok i did four different examples some quick and some more extensive.

The first one i did in class was a combination of layers and overlays with hue/saturation effect along with a fractal map layer that i prerendered and used as a trackmatte for footage of ink flowing behind a compisition of bill o'reilly that i had warped with a liquidator and applied the vegas effect to. The vegas effect i had specifically tinkered with and inverted the settings so that only the layered showed through the glowing edges of the effect.

2. One solid layer with six different effects gave me a flowing microbial texture. Took aaaaa lot of tinkering so i'm not sure if i can show exactly how i got it but i still have the project file. I used a fractal noise layer along with tritone to get started on a cellular look. It took doubling the fractal noise and color embossing to truly add a microscopic feel. next i needed to pull out a majority of the harshness with median and add proper coloring with colorama. All these effects add up the the Microbe image i have showing.

3. More extensive usage of particle playground. It took 2 hours to prerender a comp that i set the particle opacity of polygons to 1% and birth rate to 2000. the high particle usage creates more depth the the smoke i wanted but it takes forever to render. I then added two layers of turbulent displacement. and duplicated the layer three times and added colorama to them all with a variety of settings to add depth. after that i prerendered what i could which only added up to about 7 seconds into another comp that i layered a colomns on top of one another and changed the time of each to have them move in succession. i then used cc sphere with the same particle layer i had rendered with a texture layer of the background to create a nice crystal ball.

4. the last one was something i threw together for fun. I had a hall fire layer from action essentials and constructed a hall real quick in 3d with a light that followed the fire up the screen. Afterwards i added my renditions of joe's text character and used a separate fire composite to light his little hair on fire.