Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kinetic Repost

i added another few verses and tweaked the whirlpool action to be a circular pattern rippling out. These little changes took a lot longer than expected but it's cool i'll keep working on it, i have a good start on nice addition to a demo-reel. I plan on continuing the veins part once i draw an ornate pattern in illustrator it's just going to take a whiiile and i ran out of time. I like this project so i'm gonna keep working.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

type upload

Here's the next installment of my kinetic text. i spent a long time working with the effects to create a realistic light box that mimics an 8mm projector without using any actual footage so i can keep the comp on my project and reuse it for any footage i want at any quality. There's a lot more text to go but i'm only going to do half because i know the project will be due soon and i can't let myself just throw out the last bit in a short time and it be crap. i have to live up to a quality so i plan on keeping up the standard i've already set and finish half. this will leave me more to accomplish outside of this class as well.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

kinetic type project

for the type project i want to dabble into a motion graphics essential of kinetic typography. i've never done it but i figure i need the practice for commercial work. I want to take a poem called Lamerica by Jim Morrison and use speak the words myself if i can't find him speakin another poem.


guide lines
The Vikings & explorers
The unconscious

a map of the states
The veins of hiways
Beauty of a map
Hidden connections
Fast trampled forest

Madness in a whisper
neon crackle
The hiss of tires
A city growls

rich vast & sullen
like a slow monster
come to fat
& die

here's an example of what i'm working on in after effects with it.

(this is actually what i finished thursday after class cause i had a few more lines done to show)


forgot to get this up, i was a little loopy. i buuuuut here's what i turned in. i've been tinkering with a transition scene to make the scenery make more sense and i want to take this thing and make it a lot longer throughout the semester. i get a little anal retentive with effects and details and it took longer to get out what i wanted. I'm going to split it into two parts and continue the next from when the next cell stabs the third cell.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Assets and Character Design

So i spent a lot of time experimenting with the style of the piece. After using the lightbox to take organic images of dough at various densities i built all my characters around it as a background. I feel a pretty solid aesthetic is being established. I left all my assets in one photoshop file that i can just import into after effects when i'm ready. I don't believe that i am completley done with every single asset but i have the majority done and enough to complete one act. I could do an entire animation of what i have but it just wouldn't meet my standards nor the class. I really like the 3 characters i made tho and the virus is pretty much there i just need to figure out the internal parts that would work better.