Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Social play and more feedback


Ok so this weekend my roommate Katy had a bake-sale at the south Main trolley night. Of course she did all the work making cake vaginas, and peni (that's my plural of penis) and also chocolates of the two with cream filling. Which is awesome selling genitals on the street corner to begin with. The game, was to get others to come check it out. She manned the booth and Q and I walked a bit further up and would see if we could break the ice with groups of people by mentioning that we "just got some pussy at the corner" The trick was to see if being extremely "immature" would open up people to relax. Most would just ignore us except for when we were next to the table. Some people would almost look interested and would completely loosen up once we told them "this corner sells it for cheap." It was fun. I find it a lot easier telling a group of people that "you should really try the dark chocolate cock, the cream filling is to die for." than going up to just start conversation with a singled out person. Is it that i feel like i'd be cornering someone by approaching them directly? possibly.. i don't like to be cornered so i figure others wouldn't either. It's fun to just be more indirect then more direct once everyone is comfortable. What interested me was learning grace even when dealing with play. there seems to be certain ways to play and rules. I could play with everyone but what's the line that can be crossed where we become seen as crazy? And is that a bad thing? A person's personal space in our country is much larger than others so i know culture plays a major role in how open we are to strangers. But is that a good thing? If we were more open to play with one another would less crime be committed? These are all interesting questions that seem to point out possible improvements in life.

E. Full feedback

Ok i've always known i've had a sick sense of humor but that's just it. i know i'm joking. i know what's fake and what's real. This along with my topics of Consumerism and Advertising has led me to think more in depth about advertising that directly targets that sense of play in kids and possibly gives immoral ideas towards being who we are. Advertising should never be a reason to control culture. especially if it creates a false image of life. Who is a major culprit of this? Well it might just be an opinion but i'd have to say Disney. Look at who they promote as role models and why. Is Hannah Montana a major figure in the media because she is a thoughtful and considerate person? No. It's because she is appealing to young audience and can push a product. I used to watch the Lil Rascal's a lot when i went to my grandma's and i loved it. They were genuine and just did what kids do, get into trouble out of curiosity. There wasn't product placement, and the director only chose his rascals because they weren't famous already, they were real. Shirley Temple even tried being one but she was refused the part. There are still those who push entertainment for a greater purpose than just money, but they generally aren't the ones who get seen the most. It's up to consumers to decide what we consume, for what we use, makes the most money and therefore gets more powerful.

bit more history and feedback


Favorite Games

Ok soo game list!!!

Puzzles -lots of them
Cards - mostly with my grandma
Operation - I killed bahaha

Honestly other than that i have a really hard time remembering what games i played. I often just liked being with my older brother who didn't play much. I would just tinker with things and watch t.v. and draw my favorite characters at home. I remember one time my brother made a box and put wired lights in it. Made me want to create and just use my imagination off what i had. Oh! and a few more things just came to mind

I had the Jurassic Park set and made the trex eat everyone.

I always had some sort of science or Chem set. I think my dad was pretty set on my being a doctor like him

My favorite was a robotics set that i actually built a lifesize (at the time) robot of me from directions. It had a remote control lol.


By playing on my own i feel a lot like how i used to be as a kid. When i was in kindergarten, my parents thought I was deaf because i would always just sit and play by myself. Which i did. Jigsaw puzzles and drawing strange drawings of sharks biting off the legs of divers was what i enjoyed. When i got to play on my own again with clay i realized how i play. No matter what it's thoughtful and experimental. I'm more of a slow and meticulous worker which isn't a bad thing. It's just my brain works 10 times faster than my hands. This only works best when i play a game with myself on what i create, if not i usually hit a wall. i ended up just mixing the colors to see what came to me. I immediately pictured a globe and tried to perfect a an abstract form that would also have a marbled color that envelopes it delicately. the other was made after i shaped what looked like fan blades. i immediately began making a base and kept adding little details until i was satisfied. I like putting a lot of work into little details until it seems as tho not much effort was needed but most of the effort was upstairs. Which isn't always a good thing in a world of concretes. Cause really i spent 3 hours on these two sculptures and another hour running around the antique store looking at old-school consumer items. a sort of play for my eyes.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Play History

Back as long as i can remember I have always tried to figure things out. It was a game to me. My mom would walk in on me at 2 in the morning putting my scooby doo puzzle together with the pieces facing down so I could only go see the shapes. Of course i remember it being easy because the pieces were large for kids but still i enjoyed the challenge. Of course time changes things and tends to take the fun out of problems as we grow up. It's a struggle to keep oneself from just not worrying enough to be productive.
I remember being 6 and my parents taking my friends and i to play laser tag. That was one of the best times of my life. Not to mention that we got home and had an epic nerf battle till 2 in the morning. All the fun ended when we ended up cornering a friend of mine. His sense of play immediately left and it became personal. He felt singled out when the thought hadn't even crossed our minds. Either way I've felt that has been a strong point of mine. I can usually shrug off serious moments by feigning a careless attitude, when i come to find that faking it isn't the same either. that just allows pain to build and gradually cement on my cognitive processes until it would inevitably pull me down. It takes honestly laughing at even yourself and letting go of this unneeded worry to truly push forward with everything you have to offer. I'm not saying i'm even close to being there yet, but my understanding of this will keep growing every day because i'm willing to push myself to laugh on the inside.
Going back to other occasions it is true how much play taught me to deal with issues in my life. Sometimes it came out negatively but usually that's when i let the lesson show me to take it seriously. Such as my 4th grade football experience. The coach liked me, i was new, yet i was fast, determined and fearless even though i was the smallest. One day he had me practice wide-recieving and running a flag left over and over. and over and over and over and over again. It had to be perfect. This extreme pressure caused my brain to come in and think too much when it was something i always just felt. I kept getting worse cause he kept pushing me and wouldn't let me stop. i told him i was tired and wanted to stop but he wouldn't let me. Again and again he had me go out for a pass. "No! Cut sooner!.. Look for the ball! What did i tell you about catching it in your gut!?" I began hyperventilating and finally a backup - my friend Drew's dad - came up and said that he should let me take a break. I wasn't physically harmed but ever since then it's as if a little voice in my head kept the fun from releasing my creative potential. This wasn't the only experience but it's amazing what situations in life make you realize how careless we once were until those adults who took things too seriously taught you to as well. We all have that "coach" in our lives that wants everyone to take life as seriously as them because they are so unhappy. The trick is to laugh even when it hurts.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Uno mas

Ok last one for the night. I almost had a similar aesthetic with the photographic imagery and vector masking last time I had this class.

This type of imagery would be nice to animate. Possibly using video footage and not just still images.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Some more

^-- this one is an awesome style that i'd love to incorporate with AFter Effects into live video. Merging of the Magical and the Real. A lot to do with surrealist films that i watched for class this summer. I really want to delve into a sort of "Magical Realism" where the Magical is the truth of our existence peeking through our veils of tradition and normality.


dealing with life in our social technological culture

MO Images

I just love the simplicity of this yet it's so mesmerizing. Like a nautilus shell just rotating constantly on a horizontal plane.


So i've been trying to just start doing what i feel and less thinking over the summer. I can't say that i've mastered this yet, but newfound ideas on spirituality have strengthened the grasp on my mind and the understanding of myself tremendously. There will be much growing through still through this year. Enough about myself for the moment that will naturally come out in my animations whether i like it or not cause what i create will come from - well, me.. MAny ideas have come up about advertising and the media as of recently. Much control in life comes from controlling what other people think about. Just putting yourself in someone elses mind affirms you with more strength in life. Information and ideas truly are becoming the true source of power in this world only it used to be religions that played this role on society. Now it is corporations that have infiltrated the laws of governents through stipulations found by talented lawyers. There's a lot of topics to be made possible off of media control and corporate inbalance of power. Since this is a direction i will be taking for my BFA. i also hope to push my animations in the same direction so that i may show a cornicopia of media that showcases a broader range of talents. Now it is time to post various media that has for some reason inspired me either conceptually or aesthetically for After Effects work in this class.