Tuesday, November 16, 2010


ok so i've been working all weekend on my assets and feel like i have nothing to show for it cause it's taking forever to do a canine run cycle and repaint a high quality render of a landscape. i guess i can just set up a schedule to attempt to adhere to.

thursday 11/18
will have the final scene nearly complete and the wolf run cycle done
woods run scene will be completed.

Friday 11/19
Shoot scenes of running on gayoso ave. and alleyway shots.

tuesday 11/23
andrew running scenes will be composited into after effects and worked on.
Final scene should be fully completed.

Sun. 11/28
return from Mississippi from break.
Back to work that night

Tuesday 11/30
will be connecting my other shots of animation and video together with animation.
effects added to running scenes
the totem scene will be put together
woods run and final scene will be touched up fully.

Thursday 12/2
nearly completed with clean-up and touch up of the effects to transition from andrew running to a slow motion wolf run cycle
This transition should be done.

Tuesday 12/7
animation roughly completed allowing for touchups everything pulled together leaving room for dvd build and finalizing all projects.

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