Thursday, November 18, 2010

update thurs. 11/18

ok so the final scene is nearly done as i had intended yet i missed my mark for the woods running scene. I had intended on having it completed with my run cycle included but i'm having trouble compositing my wolf run cycle. It won't export correctly from toon boom to use as a composite so i tried exporting as a .mov yet it has a white background. I'm going to keep working on it. other than that the scene is redrawn high quality and animated correctly ready for the run cycle with a still plant in it's place.

i hope to also add a close up of the dog running with the new woods showing as a background. i experimented with the texture of my open woods scene to try and see if it worked as well on the run scene. This will take a bit longer to sort some things out but i don't believe i must change my calendar as of yet. i will still be filming this weekend and beginning to composite the footage by tuesday and have the woods run done and final scene 95% complete.

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